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Saturday, September 8, 2012

SOOGI Race (On Your Mark) Survey Finding

SOOGI sincerely thank 8 graduates of Race (On Your Mark) for helping to complete the survey after workshop. They participated in 3 hours fun and engaging workshop a self-assessment and discovered the individual’s spiritual gifting and set personal goals. In summary:- 1) They have discovered a range of 3 to 13 spiritual giftings individually. 2) The most common spiritual gift are giving, helping & teaching. 3) 5 of the 8 participants have found their nitch in a creative ministry. 4) 3 participants have indicated to serve with their spiritual gifting in administration, apostleship & creative ministry. For finale, they presented in groups their inspiring goals through songs, skit and mini-musical!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


You may be currently or desiring to serve in a creative ministry. (choir, worship team, musician, dancer, flower arrangement, painting and not forgeting actors-to-be)SOOGI has lined up a series of self-reflective and highly interractive workshops just for you!

'ON YOUR MARK' Workshop Time: 3 hrs( 1 session)

'GET SET' Workshop Time: 3 hrs( 1 session)

'GO' Workshop Time: 3 hrs( 1 session)

'RUN' Workshop Time: 3 hrs( 1 session)

Let’s pray and believe that we can be valuable instruments for the extension of God’s kingdom.